Why should I get it?

ClarityCoat is in a product category called Peelable Paint, the next generation in automotive protection and customization.

ClarityCoat in its natural form is a clear material that, at a minimum, is 8 mils in thickness. That’s just as thick as some of the leading Paint Protection Film’s out on the market today!

But another benefit to ClarityCoat is that you can also change the color of your vehicle at the same time, using real automotive grade paint! And it looks and feels like real paint!

– Sprayable Paint Protection at its finest with a minimum of 200 microns worth of protection to your original paintwork.

– Incredible stone chip resistance

– Can be sanded and polished

– Don’t like the color of your toy? Not a problem!

– We can change the color while adding protection at the same time.


– Because ClarityCoat is sprayed there are no seams and there is no surface too complicated to protect.

– Need extra protection? No problem. You can have an extra thick layer added for high impact areas.


What can sprayable PPF be applied to?






Digital Print/Vinyl