Paint Correction

Paint Correction


Paint Correction by N Touch Detailing permanently removes below surface paint defects such as swirl marks, scratches, holograms, haze, and oxidation by removing a microscopic layer of clear coat to reveal a flawless, reflective, mirror finish.


How it works:


The paintwork is examined using ultra-modern paint depth gauges and digital microscopes to identify the overall health of the vehicle’s finish. Once all defects have been appropriately diagnosed a level of paint correction is recommended. If your vehicle’s paintwork is too thin to polish, paint correction cannot be performed.

Test Spot

Since every vehicle’s paint reacts differently to paint correction, a test area is polished to ensure the best possible results. Several compounds, polishes, tools, pads, and techniques may be tested to find the perfect balance of cutting ability and finishing results. The goal is to find a solution that removes the least amount of paint while eliminating the maximum amount of defects from the surface (this is exceptionally important for the overall health and longevity of the paint system).

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Correction Process

Once a polishing process has been dialed in from the test spot the correction work begins. In this phase the entire vehicle will be polished to perfection using extreme attention to detail. Heroic levels of focus and patience are required as some areas of the vehicle may require several hours of polishing to achieve a defect-free finish. The end result is a flawless finish with stunningly deep, glossy, wet looking, mirror-like reflections.



The correction process removes scratches and other defects by removing a microscopic layer of paint which restores a perfectly level, reflective surface. Unfortunately, this also removes a portion of the UV inhibitors which reside in the outer most layer of clear coat. For this reason we always recommend the application of a durable ceramic coating such as CQuartz FINEST to restore a layer of durable UV protection for the underlying paint system. Learn more at about CQuartz FINEST.